Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Venus Williams postponed his return to the slopes

The American tennis player Venus Williams has decided to delay his return to official competition after announcing he would not play the ASB Classic in January in New Zealand, reported local media on Tuesday.

The 31-year player is not yet ready after recovery period of Sjogren's syndrome, an immunodeficiency disease that causes fatigue and joint pain, according to tournament organizers said.

Williams, former world number one and winner of seven Grand Slam, played four tournaments this year, but had to retire last August at the U.S. Open for the problems of Sjogren syndrome.

Since then he has played some exhibition games, including last month in Colombia with her sister Serena, and hoped to return to official competition in January at the ASB Classic tournament in Auckland.

The director of the ASB Classic, Richard Palmer, lamented that most of Williams can not attend the tournament.

"We regret losing a player of his caliber. These absences are part of the sport, but we felt by his followers who also complain," said Palmer.

Last November, Venus Williams, currently the world number 103, said in Bogota that hopes to return to the top of tennis next year


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