Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Big Three of Oklahoma with a Mavs can not force the machine

The guard James Harden led the charge winning the Oklahoma City Thunder 87-83 to beat the Dallas Mavericks in the second preseason game in a row that both teams played Sunday before the opening of the NBA regular season.

Harden had 13 points, seven rebounds and five assists, while point guard Russell Westbrook came forward 12 and Kevin Durant scored 10 for the three Thunder players who had double digits.

The victory and sweep of the Thunder allowed to take revenge on the elimination of suffering in the past Western Conference finals and prepared for the first regular season game that will play on Christmas Day in their field of Oklahoma City Arena, with the Orlando Magic.

The Spanish power forward Serge Ibaka again became a starter with the Thunder to provide four points after scoring May 2 shots, did not go to the line staff, grabbed three rebounds, put two plugs and recovered the ball at 18 minutes he was on track.

The victory of the Thunder this time occurred despite the Mavericks had their training under the wing star, German Dirk Nowitzki , who had not played in the first game between both teams and the team that lost 92-106 Dallas.

The presence of Nowitzki and guard Jason Kidd, who had not played in the first game, did not change the history of the Thunder took control in the first three quarters of play until the fourth reacted with partial Mavericks 30-13 .

The stranger Jerome Randle added 17 basis points to be the leader of the attack of the Mavericks also had the support of power forward Brandan Wright to get 12 points with four rebounds.

Nowitzki, who provided and Kidd, who was three, did not play the entire fourth quarter, as it did during the Thunder.

The Mavericks, NBA champions, began on Christmas Day title defense when they meet in their field of American Airlines Center, the Miami Heat to the Finals was defeated in the past.


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