Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Magic: "Kobe Pau and Bynum needs to have a perfect year"

The loss by 95-114 in the first preseason game they have played the Lakers, let the reaction of the legendary Magic Johnson, speaking to reporters, said the need for more aid to Kobe Bryant by the Spanish Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum .

According to Johnson, who held a teleconference with reporters, if the Lakers want this season to return as a team with aspirations, both Gasol and Bynum must do their best basketball in both individual and team.

"Bryant is really convinced that they need all the help from Gasol and Bynum to then be able to choose at certain times to be the leader and master," said Johnson. "It's going to need help, and this season more than anything, if you want to be a team with aspirations to get the league title."

Johnson explained his argument on the fact that Bryant, 33, has already undergone four operations on his knees from the 2003 season, the last this summer in Germany, and that means you have to get help if you want to get sixth ring champion.

"Both Gasol and Bynum should have years perfect because Bryant can not take full responsibility for him only," said Johnson, who also recalled the fact that Bryant will play its sixteenth season in the NBA. "You can not expect that every night is the figure and take full responsibility for the team."

The former star of the Lakers, who also won five rings with the Lakers and sold his share of shares held, will continue this season as an analyst for ABC and ESPN, which will pre-game segment from studios in Los Angeles.

Johnson insisted that Bryant was very important to give confidence and motivate both Gasol and Bynum so it must be something more than an emotional leader.

"It has to show leadership on and off the field to be closer to these players, especially in training and in the locker room," Johnson assessed. "Lamar Odom's departure has left a great void in the workforce at all levels."

Odom, after the failed attempt to transfer to the New Orleans Hornets with the base Gasol Chris Paul, said he wanted to continue with the Lakers and was traded to the Dallas Mavericks who took charge of his contract of 8.9 million dollars and a lottery pick in the first university in 2012.

Johnson said that the blame of failure of the transfer of Paul was not Jim Buss, the son of Lakers owner or general manager Mitch Kupchak, who said he had to give them credit because they tried to get a great player and NBA commissioner David Stern, the "veto."

Although the Lakers failed to Paul, Johnson said he was thrilled to have Los Angeles as a player the Hornets exbase then got traded to the Clippers.

The Clippers last night they beat the Lakers 114-95, who tried to see how team chemistry works with the absence of Odom and under new coach Mike Brown, who is replacing the legendary Phil Jackson.

"No doubt the Clippers will be better team, but they still have several years before they can beat the Lakers, with Bryant, Gasol, Bynum and Fisher have shown that they are true champions," said Johnson.

The legendary former player for the Lakers also recognized that the best team in the Eastern Conference was the Miami Heat, while the West, would be the team to beat Oklahoma City Thunder.


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