Sunday, December 18, 2011

Rudy achieved his first 'double double' in Denver: 20 points and 10 assists

20 points, 10 assists and three steals with 6 triples in 11 attempts. This has been the calling card of Rudy Fernandez with the Nuggets in an open-door training held at the Pepsi Center to more than 4,000 people. The NBA, as expected, and Masai Ujiri George Karl, general manager, has responded. "It's an explosive scorer" that "fits perfectly in Denver," Rudy said of his bosses .

The NBA has had little time to train with his new teammates after being traded by Dallas and Denver arriving late because of problems with his visa, but has left its high quality samples and although Koufos scored 24 points, the only player who was more Rudy was plugged Al Harrington had 17 points in just 18 minutes.

Rudy, with the blue team, scored 11 points in the first part of a party that had some light-hearted, open house, about players to fans, etc. team presentation. And little defense at times as said George Karl, coach of the Nuggets: "Sometimes I got the feeling that he was an All Star."

The first official game of preseason will be 20 against Phoenix (22 repeats) and the debut in the 2011-12 season will be against Dallas on February 26.


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