Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Bulls could offer Korver and Boozer in exchange for Pau Gasol

When it seemed that the calmer waters down to Pau Gasol in the Lakers after his trade to the Hornets vetoed a new rumor puts into question the future of Spanish in purple and gold.

The Bulls, the team stronger bid for Pau Gasol when he was just the Grizzlies before being traded to the Lakers, it appears that returns to the charge by the Spanish years later.

As reported in the web '' , and that includes '' , the Bulls Lakers study provide the shooter Kyle Korver and burly Carlos Boozer in exchange for the Spanish power forward.

For this hypothetical materialize Pau Gasol transfer form one of the best interiors of the NBA partners with Noah (a complementary player in the style of Spanish) and share a dressing room with Derrick Rose, the youngest MVP in NBA history.

This rumor comes just days after the exclusive interview with Pau Gasol in Mark in which he confessed his desire to follow in the Lakers: "retire on the Lakers was my intention. I understand that I decide, of course (laughs) but from the first day I got my intention was to fulfill my contract. I honor what I sign. And if you have to go get out of here, I will be the player I've always been. There is no more. "


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