Sunday, December 18, 2011

Domenicali: "Even Santa Claus knows what our wish"

Stefano Domenicali, Ferrari sporting director, yesterday had a video chat with fans from Maranello Ferrari and said the new model, there is no name yet, you're ready "for the first week of February, that is the goal. There signs that this is a competitive machine, but that the track will have the last word . I tell my people that they go home thinking that there is nothing done and continue squeezing every night. "

Fernando Alonso is these days in Maranello simulator already working with the new parameters of the car. To have risked putting pieces Domenicali 2012 in the final races of 2011 now pays off. "In Brazil put new front wing was risky but correct, because we could see small problems that would not have seen until later , "he acknowledged.

The Italian leader again recognized, as it did in summer, the brilliant designer Rory Byrne is lending a hand in the process and stressed the importance it has had on car design the new standard on leaks and placement. Engineers are what has made ​​it clear: "to make sure not to underestimate any area of development, we must have an efficient car from the aerodynamic standpoint, the big problem we have suffered this season . We do not want any surprises at the start year, only to return to where we belong. "

Stefano praised the 2011 season as "not enough", but understands that might have come more wins than the one of Fernando in England . "There has been a high performance car in qualifying, but in the race, in certain situations was very strong." He would not blame, and less to Aldo Costa, former technical chief starts his new adventure in Mercedes, but insisted that Ferrari will continue to reorganize the organization "with new changes that will follow from next year. If we are successful with the hiring of Pat Fry, only time will tell. "

Domenicali admitted that for the future have an eye on Jules Bianchi, the tester, and in Sergio Perez, favorite to get into the car in 2013, but passed over the hints of a possible arrival of Robert Kubica. "It's part of the game, all pilots are placed in Ferrari ever" . And Massa? "We expect a great revival of Philip, is very important, fundamental."

He also had a memory for the return of Raikkonen, the defending champion with Ferrari. "This is spectacular news for the World Cup. Kimi's return brings talent and we are glad because it gave us an extraordinary World "he recalls. "But I think our main rivals will again be the usual, Mercedes carrying a couple of years back, but has a great pair of pilots, Red Bull because it has a great starting point, the two World Cups, and McLaren because it is always strong ".

Finally, Domenicali admitted that Ferrari out of the FOTA (Teams Association) was due to the lack of agreement on how to reduce costs and has been produced with the aim of shaking something the situation in a year the Concorde Agreement will be renegotiated as they expire at the end of 2012.


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