Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Alonso announced that separates from Raquel del Rosario

Fernando Alonso said in a statement his broken marriage with singer Raquel del Rosario. The Spanish rider puts an end to their marriage after five years of marriage. So reads the press release:

Fernando Alonso and Raquel del Rosario Díaz Macías

After five years of marriage, we decided to end our relationship as a couple.

Is a very thoughtful and taken by mutual agreement. We parted as marriage, but never as friends, as it is among us a very good relationship of affection and mutual admiration and always we will ensure the happiness of others.

With this statement, addressed to all people who follow our careers, we want to avoid any speculation about our decision. Through it, we turn to the media once again respect our personal lives, which, as you know, we have always desired to protect.


Raquel and Fernando

Del Rosario Alonso and secretly married in November 2006, the year of the Spaniard's last title in Formula 1, shortly after they met in 'The Stringer'.

Most of the time the couple lived in Switzerland. There has always been very secretive about their relationship. In 2009 already speculated for the first time a separation, but it was not Alonso denounced and Antena 3, which had to compensate with 73,000 euros.


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