Sunday, December 18, 2011

Madrid, capital F1

Formula 1 has become one of these dates in Madrid holiday temptations. Separated by only 1,300 meters, known as the Golden Mile in Madrid, opened their doors two spaces dedicated to two teams as diverse as Ferrari and Spanish HRT.

In the case of HRT is a whole plant in Varlion new store that opens its doors on the street Lagasca, 75. The prestigious firm Hispano, famous for its lines of pole and paddle, has signed an agreement to supply sports equipment for next season's Formula 1 team, to pilots and mechanics and engineers.

As new managers HRT silently but relentlessly, do not stitch without thread, have taken advantage of the synergy of the new space for a car last season, seen from the street for several days with great detail .

A car that can be used as touring throughout Spain and is the better claim then have its extension inside. Next to the car, and above the plant pole clothes, paddle courts, a space is created in the image and likeness of a racetrack.

The shelves shall be placed where the clothes are made with aluminum leaks, the soil is of a box of a circuit, guard rails are used to separate table spaces and even as a customer and a piano separates the main room of an area for entertaining and socializing.

is also decorated pistons, brakes and various spare parts and there are even exposed some in poor condition after an accident, so the nod to the amateur is palpable.

All this waiting for Varlion culminates the design and manufacture of new colors and styles of clothing, which will debut in the first preseason test in Jerez and will have a Spanish accent, which is the leitmotif of the new owners , These, since they took over the team in last July. Still engaged in a process of constant image enhancement and this is the penultimate step.

Also on the team will try to exploit the specific weight and the pull Pedro de la Rosa is among the young and less young, so it is planned to take his own line racing, a limited edition.

But there will be more things than clothes. Other official sponsors products, bags, accessories and a clear goal, to create culture of the Spanish team, a team worthy to meet sponsors and the public and customers to identify with the team.


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