Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Alves: "partidillo? Jealousy is very bad"

Barca defender Daniel Alves now heavily loaded against Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho, to disparage the achievements of the Barcelona and said that "envy is very bad," and that "we are world champions and that upset."

"I always say that Mourinho is a person who plays his role and is always underestimate what they can accomplish the rest. It seems that only has value you earn it. Jealousy is very bad," has criticized the Brazilian.

In the presentation of a bracelet solidarity with the Global Humanitarian NGOs, whose profits will go to Juazeiro, his hometown in Brazil, Alves recalled: "We are the best in the world and the numbers are there, who it hurts it hurts" .

Alves has referred to statements yesterday Mourinho, who said he preferred to win the Champions League rather than "a couple of partidillo", referring to the Club World Cup won by Barca in Japan.

"This is who are the current world champions and that upset," said Alves. "We are not bothered about the Madrid because we feel inferior to them and, if you are not inferior to that criticism, do not mind."

"But it has colored-bother-are continually discrediting what we do. There's always a but, a why, that's all I do not understand. But I understand that this war is lost, the field is where we try to look good" .

In this sense, Alves said Neymar statements after the defeat in the final World Cup. "Hopefully Neymar may come. I've always said, is invitadísimo to this house and if my part was, I had brought, for bring something different, something special."

"Probably the best club in which to develop its best," he pointed Alves, leaving a last sentence in the face of Real Madrid. " The praise of Neymar will not see Real Madrid. They are not humble enough to do it. "

Alves describes as "spectacular" balance of his team this year. "We will match people with much more quality time, so eager to continue to enjoy the fans, with a view to keep winning titles. Sometimes missing adjectives to decipher so much joy and honor to be part of this club," Alves explained.

Guardiola Praise
Not only had the words to his fellow Brazilian, but also to his coach, Pep Guardiola. "The merit of having achieved return is football," he asserted.

"He went from being a sport in which people had fun being resultadista responsibly, and that's not liked, it was not very showy. What he has done is to get this Pep. Compete to win, but what is the reconciliation has recovered the play well and do enjoy people, "he admitted.

That is why Alves has relied on Santpedor coach many more years to stay in the Catalan club because "we know that without Guardiola would not be the great team we are and we had not won so many titles."

"Our main goal is to stay here Pep for a long time because it is the heart of this team, the club," stressed the defense, who will train with the team until day 22, although that will not play against L 'Hospitalet that day in Copa del Rey, and then go on vacation to Brazil.


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