Wednesday, December 21, 2011

George Karl: "Rudy can be like JR Smith, but more sane"

The season is being developed by the path I had drawn in his head George Karl. The Denver Nuggets coach has expressed his excitement with the new project and the latest additions. "I think Rudy can be like JR Smith, but something more sane," Karl said in the radio station KKFN Denver .

Mallorcan guard, which on Tuesday has eight points and three assists in his debut win over the Phoenix Suns (127-110) , has supplied the American, who signed during the 'lockout' a one-year contract with Zhejiang Golden Bulls in the league in China.

Talented, uncontrollable and equally controversial, JR Smith has been slow to gain a reputation for unruly in the Asian country.

Rudy Fernandez, meanwhile, is confident in their abilities and encouraged with this new challenge in his NBA career. "I want to play freely and fit in the system of George Karl," he said last Thursday at the Denver Post . "Running and counterattack is best for my features," he said.


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