Sunday, December 18, 2011

Messi: "It is not the first time we played well, but as is the World Cup final is valued more"

Leo Messi showed his satisfaction and that of the entire staff of the FC Barcelona after winning the final of Club World Cup in Yokohama on Sunday disputed, saying he was "happy" with what was achieved after making "a great match." "From the first moment we were superior," the Argentine star.

Messi, best player of the tournament, was happy to be back to check again, but noted that "the nicest thing is to win again, and as Pep said, making history with the club."

As the brilliant game displayed by Barcelona and leading up to rivals Santos , Argentina noted that "it is not the first time we played in this way, but as is the World Cup final is valued more if the team is already used to playing well and everybody has seen. "

"This costume is strong and the coach is always upon us, preparing all parties as if they were late, so the motivation is always high and we still have hunger," said Leo, who also wanted to remember the comrades who have not been able to enjoy the final in Yokohama: "Too bad that could not be Tito or Villa. What the gourd was very unlucky. I hope he recovers as soon as possible and arrive in time to play the Euro because it is very important to him and also for Spain ".

Finally, and ask for the figure of Neymar and raised in the media rivalry going into this final, Messi got rid of the question with a simple "Neymar? We welcome the beginning and end of the game."


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