Sunday, December 18, 2011

Alguersuari: "My time in F1 does not stop here"

The former Toro Rosso driver, Alguersuari, was convinced that his time in Formula One is not finished, although it will be "quite difficult" to find a flyer for this season, has admitted Spanish. "I am pondering options, there are things, and soon we will provide news," said Alguersuari in a brief press conference in Granollers, where he met with his club 'fans'.

Alguersuari explained that it is "sad or angry" with Toro Rosso, only "surprised" by a decision that has been known for 50 hours, and has said he is still "owns" their own destiny. "I start a new cycle promising future because I have 21 years, I have met more than my job at Toro Rosso. I went with 19 and I finished with 21. I think I've done a good job, I and my team," he reported.

On the surprising decision of his team without its two pilots, Alguersuari did not want to go into great detail, and has said he bears no grudge against his now former team. "It is good to Toro Rosso. Do not I have any kind of resentment, on the contrary, I thank all that have given me. Were those who chose my entry into Formula 1. Obviously I would have liked to continue. We must be mature, I do not judge whether the decision is good or bad, they will know. I want to make clear that it is a positive message. Every cloud has a silver lining, "said the Spaniard.

The Barcelona is confident that better times will come and he wants to continue pursuing his dream of becoming world champion in Formula One
"I know that will come new news, I know it will come, I feel more relaxed when I was at Toro Rosso. Trust me, by my age because I've done my job, I have not done a bad year, I made ​​a good season. I think my time in F1 does not end here, "he insisted.


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