Thursday, December 15, 2011

UK deployed 13,500 military, Eurofighter jets and helicopters in the London Games

The Ministry of Defence British deployed a contingent of 13,500 soldiers to ensure security during the celebration next summer Olympic Games in London in 2012, supported by fighter-art Eurofighter Typhoon Royal Air Force British (RAF) and Puma and Linx, leading to board the largest ship of the Royal Navy , HMS Ocean.

The British Defense Ministry has reported that the military be prepared to protect 150 facilities and training centers during the Olympics. The deployment is complete with ships HMS Ocean, with helicopters on board, and HMS Bulwark, anchored in the bays of Greenwich and Weymouth, as reported by the newspaper ' The Guardian '.

The number of soldiers participating in the security appliance exceeds the total of troops deployed by Britain in Afghanistan , where military are highlighted 9500. British Defense Minister, Phillip Hammond, has been especially emphasized that this deployment will not affect Olympic operational capabilities of the Armed Forces Britain to develop its normal duties.

Hammond explained that the ship HMS Ocean, a helicopter carrier of 22,500 tons, will be moored at Greenwich Bay during the Olympic Games in London, while the amphibious assault ship HMS Bulwark will be stationed in the bay of Weymouth.

The safety device for the Olympics includes a "proper and progressive" air plan includes the deployment of modern fighter of the British Royal Air Force, the Eurofighter Typhoon, which will operate from the base of Northolt, with the support of helicopters embarked on the ship Ocean and earth air missile system.

In the central days of the Olympic Games in London, police officers and 12,000 agents highlight, according to the forecast under an alleged major terrorist threat.

"This defensive contribution is on a scale similar to those deployed in other recent Olympic Games and help to ensure security at the 2012 Olympics," said Hammond.

The defense minister has made clear that this military deployment will have no effect on the remaining outstanding contingent abroad. "Defence will continue to be able to develop the current and contingency operations during the games. My priority will continue to be the troops that we deployed in operations, including Afghanistan, before, during and after the Olympic Games," he underlined.

The security plan envisages that 7,500 military working directly to support the organizers of the Olympics in sports facilities. The cost of security deployment will be at 553 million pounds (658 million euros).

In addition to the uniformed support directly to the organizers, another 5,000 soldiers will be deployed to help civil authorities with tasks such as search and EOD.

Finally, there will be a contingent of 1,000 soldiers who will be responsible for logistical support in the London Olympics. In a statement, the government has said it is "clear" that the Olympics will be "a peaceful celebration of sporting achievement and a cultural celebration, not a safety related event."

In total, plus the £ 553 million for military deployment, the British government will spend another 600 million pounds for the deployment of agents and police officers outside the sports facilities, representing a total expenditure of 1,153 million pounds (1,373 million euros).


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