Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The case of the Barca striker and the shadow of failure

The top scorer in the history of selection has become a substitute for Barcelona in the last major events. The poor performance of Villa this season points to the possibility that his club listening to offers for him. Faces many challenges, including the shine back on the next Euro. They wanted in the last decade a dozen Barca strikers who failed their country finally in big tournaments. But the condition of a 'gourd' is the default.

Copa America 2011
Argentina surrendered on a gray, partly affected by erratic and criticized Messi who was unable to make a goal in four games. The fans suffered another disappointment albiceleste when his team finished apeada by Uruguay in the quarterfinals. In his locker only scored a victory.

2010 World
complicated classification Sweden after losing to Denmark in the penultimate round of the qualifiers. For the play-offs had to win to Albania in the past and hope that Portugal fails to Malta. Not so second and Ibrahimovic was left without playing his third FIFA World Cup when he was just a few months in Barcelona.

Euro 2008
France completed one of the worst performances that remind you of the Euro in Austria and Switzerland. Just added a point thanks to a draw with Romania in the first game in which Henry was not the owner. Yes it was in the other two, both initialed with a defeat.

2008 African Cup of
Cameroon reached the final. Everything pointed to win the title, but Egypt was the surprise. Eto'o spent all his goals in the previous league. He was unable to score in the last three games.

Copa America 2007
No Ronaldinho and Saviola were called by their selections. Yes went Messi , front holder in Argentina with Tevez . His performances were in a back seat to the grand championship idol signed Juan Roman Riquelme .

2006 World
Again a penalty. Eto'o was kept wanting to play in Germany for a ball sent into bat by fellow Wome in the final match of the African qualifiers. Ivory Coast to Cameroon was ranked brushed hands.

2006 African Cup
Eto'o experienced the bitter side of the sport in the quarter-final against Ivory Coast. We had to go to the shootout. After 23 shooting touch him again then turn the Barcelona striker, who sent the ball into the stands and his team left out.

Euro 2004
The Netherlands Kluivert appeared among those elected to return to the Netherlands to the forefront of world football. Just had no choice to challenge the position of a Van Nistelrooy who was top scorer of his team with four goals.

Copa America 2004
Saviola appeared at this event. Despite his three goals, was the fourth choice of front albiceleste. Although Messi had already participated in the Barcelona first team barely had time to even point the player he is today.

2002 World Cup
Holland failed to qualify for Korea and Japan. Kluivert spent the summer at home and Saviola , who found no place in a marching combined with Argentine Hernan Crespo , Batistuta , Lopez louse or Caniggia as forwards.

Copa America 2001
Rivaldo was the star of Barcelona who drank low hours until the last game to ensure their qualification for the Champions League. He succeeded thanks to a goal from Brazilian Chilean against Valencia, when the game was 2-2. Yet it was not convened by Luis Filipe Scolari for the Copa America that year. The coach preferred to rely on Guilherme , Ewerthon and Jardel . Brazil was eliminated by Honduras in the quarterfinals. Rivaldo returned with his pick in the 2002 World Cup, scoring five goals and was included in the Dream Team of the tournament.


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