Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Stern criticized Garnett for NBA live urgency

The criticism towards the management of the NBA commissioner, David Stern , he returned to be present at the start of training camp and this time the hero of it was the power forward Kevin Garnett , the Celtics in Boston.

Garnett and his two companions of the 'Big Three' , forward Paul Pierce and guard Ray Allen said he was "disappointed" by the rush and haste with which it had set up the return to competition, without giving any logical margin preparation.

All three players were unanimous in considering that it was doing was all improvised, with the sole purpose of starting the competition at any cost Christmas Day without considering or preparing the players nor teams are competitive when they leave the field.

Garnett , who admitted he was "very, very, very sensitive" from the emotional point, said the only culprit of the whole situation was the commissioner Stern. "What you see is nothing more than a league that lives in rainfall," said Garnett. "Everybody is paying attention to the situation of Chris Paul . But do not understand why they are surprised, as Stern has been quite adamant when he wants to do things and how you want to do, "said the player.

Garnett reiterated that the chemistry inside a basketball team was critical and was not a mixture of things cooking in the pan and if not pleasant, it throws away and nothing happens. The veteran of the Celtics said it was logical to begin training with less than 10 players and have less than 12 days to establish team chemistry before Christmas Day face the Knicks in New York.

For a team of veteran players like the Celtics, chemistry and preparation time is key to the season finale results are positive. In the same line, said Allen, who reiterated that everything was being done in the league was very rushed and pointless. "I feel pressured," said Allen , 36. "I can not say I've been very happy with the things that have happened in the last two or three weeks, but we must adapt to what is, that the same for everyone."

Pierce also supported the opinion of his two companions and said the most frustrating part is that the chaotic situation we are living in the NBA could have been avoided. "There's no point nothing has been done, much less the way it is organized around the competition, when we should be in the normal period of free agents, then start training, but on Christmas Day is key for them and although the quality of basketball is not the best, simply play, "praised Pierce, 34.


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