Thursday, December 15, 2011

Now what about Pau Gasol and the Lakers?

Once that has been confirmed, approved and made ​​official the desired transfer of the Clippers' Chris Paul and the Magic have made ​​it known that not pass to Dwight Howard, all eyes are focused on the Lakers: What will you do now and what will happen Pau Gasol?

Angelina franchise has been vetoed as their agreement to take over Chris Paul in a three-way transaction in which he sacrificed and Paul Gasol Lamar Odom and now appear to also be without Superman, by whom Orlando asked Pau and Andrew Bynum and wanted to put Tukoglu in the operation.

Following the principle of agreement reached by Chris Paul seemed that the next move was to transfer to Bynum and a significant amount of money to Orlando to form a Big Three with Paul, Kobe and Howard, but this move will not be possible.

The double blow could cause Pau continue wearing the shirt of the Lakers but nothing seems clear now that while the general manager has expressed his desire that Pau, Bynum and Kobe still the Lakers this year, has also ensured that the franchise still pushing for a significant transfer. And Pau also knows that anything can happen. "Maybe the Magic have said that to get a better deal and then execute the transfer," said the NBA in a statement that includes Los Angeles Times.

To all this we must add another problem: Odom Lakers have traded to Dallas after the fiasco of "Operation CP3 'on request of the player who was offended and hurt by the treatment received by Californians.

That is, far from reinforcing the Lakers, have weakened: goodbye to Odom, have shaken the confidence / esteem of Pau (although the club will recover if left), Shannon Brown has changed the Lakers for the Suns and currently only have stepped up its game with two signings considered minor as Gerald Green and Josh McRoberts in addition to the shooter Jason Kapono.

Possibly backup?
While waiting for a possible move to see how important and used by nearly 9 million from the 'trade exception' received by Lamar Odom, the Lakers look for alternatives in the market: according to the newspaper Angeleno points, the Lakers could incorporate Troy Murphy and wait to see what happens with the amnesty Baron Davis.

Murphy, 31, could sign for 1.4 million and is already training with the Lakers. render the question is whether the level of riding last season between Boston and remind the Nets or Pacers player.

Baron Davis's case is more complicated. He was pardoned by the Cavaliers (his remaining two years and 28.7 per charge) but before the Lakers can make an offer for the minimum have to wait and see if one team under the salary cap being sought. If this does not happen, the Lakers could tempt the base 32, to accompany Fisher and Steve Blake.


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