Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ramalho: "Neymar marked as made in Brazil"

Brazilian Santos coach Muricy Ramalho, was not surprised today that Neymar, who scored a great goal in the team's victory over Kashiwa Reysol, scored in this way because it "usually done in Brazil."

"I think it is growing and today Neymar marked as normally done in Brazil," said the coach in the conference semifinal after the first World Club of Japan, which was held today at Toyota Stadium in the province of Aichi , and in which the whole Japanese team won by 1-3.

"What players like Borges , Neymar or Danilo great goals mark is no surprise because normally they do in Brazil, "he said Ramalho.

Those were the three players who scored the goals from Santos, all executed with great skill and from outside the area.

The coach admitted that the Kashiwa Reysol prevented his team control possession and that his men will have to do if they encounter with Barcelona in the final, because "no team controls the ball better than Barcelona."

The Blaugrana team dispute morning the Japanese city of Yokohama the second semifinal of 2011 Club World Cup against Al Sadd Catar at a meeting in which those of Josep Guardiola are clear favorites.

"Barcelona is very unpredictable," he said in the mixed zone of the stadium Danilo, author of the third goal for Santos today after hitting a lack precision far.

The defense said that if the Saints can improve its performance relative to today's game, in which the Japanese box often disposed of to tie, and win a hypothetical final to Barcelona, ​​the team will need "a very high level of concentration and a little more will and determination "in your game.

However, he recalled that for the Brazilian club this is "an important moment" and that the confidence of all his players "is great" at this time.


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