Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Neymar expected and Barca in the final

Without straining, lifting off the throttle, with the remaining forces to be measured at Barcelona on Sunday in the final of Club World, the Saints got rid of the Japanese champion, the Kashiwa Reysol, by 1-3 on a goal by Neymar , one of the leaders of the party. A ball to the post in the first minutes of Neymar was the prelude soon as the player who scored Barcelona and Real Madrid claim. A great goal from the edge of the area , at 19 minutes, racing an opponent and scoring with the left of parable for the ball to be housed on the networks attached to the Japanese after entering Sugeno post. Only five minutes later emulated Borges fellow team and took a shoe from the edge of the area that slipped like a shell into the goal Nippon. The settlement was the party when there were still 70 minutes left. The Kashiwa Reysol not stopped trying , with more heart than head and eager, though, encouraged by his tireless supporters.

However, although one back through Sakai at the exit of a corner, never seemed to be able to cause an upset. The Saints returned to force the machine shortly after and Danilo was the third to take a free kick for sentencing . Even had the opportunity to make the room, but the ball crashed Ibson for the second time in the post and the party is over between unsuccessful attempts of the Japanese.

Neymar, the main protagonist of the Brazilians and everyone wants to see on Sunday against Barcelona, ​​scored a goal, sent a ball into the post and dribbled into the band plays that led to the applause of the fans Nipponese. But where the player wants to show off Santos is in the final on Sunday: that is their big event.


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