Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Marc Gasol renewed with the Memphis Grizzlies for a millionaire

The middle brother of the Gasol tweeted that he was anxious to get back to camp and be back with their peers. " I do not find time to return to the field with the rest of my teammates , "he writes literally Gasol. Although the president of the Memphis team, Michael Heisley, had also announced that outweigh any kind of offer that they should make Gasol the other NBA teams, including the Houston Rockets, who had a four-year, 55 million dollars, the Grizzlies have not wanted to comment in writing by the pivot Twitter Catalan. A spokesman for the Grizzlies tonight consulted by Efe said " the team had nothing to say officially about the situation in which Gasol was because it was a personal comment that appeared on page Gasol social . " However, the local newspaper "The Commercial Appeal" reported that Gasol and the Grizzlies had reached an agreement in principle to sign a contract for four years and 58 million dollars.

The money would Gasol will receive over 55 million offered by the Rockets and confirm the statements made ​​by Heisley, who were to give more money to ensure their continuity in a sports project, which is considered "key." Heisley wants to keep the core team won last season when Gasol was with the power forward Zach Randolph , forward Rudy Gay and guard Mike Conley . The Grizzlies gave the big surprise get their first series win of the finals after eliminating San Antonio Spurs in the Western Conference. Gasol, 26, and three as a professional in the NBA, was instrumental in last season's winning record and with the Grizzlies Randolph allowed the team to Memphis to be the best in points scored from inside the paint with 51.5 points per game average.


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