Thursday, December 15, 2011

Orlando warns Lakers, Nets Dallas and not transferred to Superman

The possible transfer of the center Dwight Howard, who had asked the player himself last week, is no longer on the agenda of his current team, the Orlando Magic.

According to several news sources, the Magic have informed the New Jersey Nets, the Lakers and Dallas Mavericks three to those authorized to speak with Howard, his star power forward will no longer be transferred.

Thus, the Magic have rejected the offers they had received , specifically, the Nets and the Lakers.

The Orlando team's decision is given to put aside the 'drama' and 'suspense' that has been built around the team and that hurts the preparation of the rest of the squad with a view to next season.

Before you give to know the new position of the Magic had said that Orlando could have accepted the offer from the Nets in which included the Cuban-American power forward Brook Lopez and forward Gerald Wallace, via the Portland Trail Blazers .

In addition, the Nets had kept the contract of forward Hedo Turkoglu and Chris Duhon base.

The new change that has taken the issue is in line with Howard's personality, which has not clearly defined what the wants of the three options it has on the table: being traded to the Nets, the Lakers or stay with the Magic, if you chips to players who can help you get a league title.


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