Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rudy Fernandez: "George Karl called me at five o'clock and I think I fit in Denver"

Rudy Fernandez has already headed for Denver . There awaits the Nuggets, his new team in the NBA, and before departing from Barajas airport has made ​​it clear that face this new stage with great enthusiasm.

"I'm happy for the change. George Karl called me at five o'clock . We were talking on the phone for a while and I think I will adapt perfectly to the style and playing Denver. I think I'll fit. He said he had specifically requested my signing because it fits its game system and dynamics, "said the Spaniard forward.

The NBA has surprised you the transfer from Dallas, but feels valued and believed to be a very important role in the Nuggets' Karl I am well aware of his past as a coach in Europe and its philosophy of play is very European. I have promised that as soon I will be the sixth man and play the minutes from JR Smith, who is in China. "

Rudy begins a new era in the NBA and currently parks his possible return to Real Madrid until June. "My return to Madrid is very difficult, because out of there with a" buyout "is very complicated. Now I owe to Denver is the team that has trusted me and I will give everything for the Nuggets."

"I can think to return to Madrid because I have to do is enjoy the NBA. I feel a little sorry to leave the computer now, I feel very comfortable and I have to thank the deal the club, the fans and all the world. They still have a great team and can compete with Europe's largest, "he said.

The Spaniard has recognized escort in recent days and in the last hours have been very intense and full of uncertainty. Ensure that you have felt very identified with Pau Gasol. "I felt a bit like Pau in the last hours, we are like stickers. I do not understand is that a player like Pau, with everything you've done and all that has earned its path these things happen," he analyzed .


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