Monday, December 12, 2011

Anelka reached an agreement to play for Shanghai Shenhua

Chelsea confirmed it has reached an agreement with the Chinese team Shanghai Shenhua to transfer French striker Nicolas Anelka in January, the winter market. The information had been advanced by the Chinese press, which said Anelka, 32, signed an agreement for two years with the team in Shanghai.

The three-year contract French striker with the English club in July and ended in a while it was clear that the former player of Real Madrid and Manchester City would not continue at Chelsea, where the technician André Villas-Boas has been little continuity. Nicolas Anelka said recently that he knew where he would play from January but did not name the club after scoring 59 goals in 185 games for Chelsea.

The Shanghai Shenhua, which ended last year ranked No. 11 in the Chinese Super League, is one of the clubs with more money from the Chinese Super League, which last won in 2003.


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