Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sergio Rodriguez: "Denver is a good time and Rudy will Minutes"

Sergio Rodriguez and Felipe Reyes could not help but wish the best for Rudy Fernandez in his adventure in Denver Nuggets. Reyes hopes to escort him out all great, but is bad for Real Madrid: "Would you play very well because it is a good player and if you have minutes going to show. The thing that's going to be a problem for us if it does not mean that it will stay there, but I wish him well. "

Sergio Rodriguez believes that Denver will be a good destination for Rudy, and pulled contacts to prove it: "The main thing I wanted was to leave Portland Rudy. I was excited about going to the champions, but Denver is a good opportunity for him. I talked with Gallinari few weeks ago and told me they had seven players. I think Rudy is going to take minutes and thanks to a great coach Karl will be happy and have to seize the moment ".

The base took the opportunity to highlight the positive things that will be for Rudy and Ibaka have competed since October with Real Madrid: "The NBA is going to be very fast and I think they will come very well have been with us two months to peak arrive in good shape. "


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