Monday, December 12, 2011

Deron Williams called "bully" to David Stern and awaits the arrival of Dwight Howard

Deron Williams did not mince words when asked for his opinion on the transfer of Chris Paul frustrated the Lakers in the NBA : "He knows he is a bully, not a secret. I think the whole world knows. Fighting a bully, you can not go against him. I think every owner of a large business is a bully, so get success. "

D-Will has a good relationship with Chris Paul, and was frustrated by the non-signing of his friend: "It's very hard for him and I'm sorry. We are friends and not know what will happen to him in the future . It's very frustrating and I understand that those involved in the operation are very angry, thinking that changed teams and now have to return, is a strange situation. "

The Nets' franchise player could not hide his joy for the possible arrival of Dwight Howard in New Jersey . The base confirmed that talks often the player Orlando and smile when contemplating the possibility of his signing: "I do not know if you talk to him may be cause for fine, but we are friends and if I want to talk to him I will call, because we have a good relationship. " When asked about a possible imminent arrival, former player of Besiktas pulled humor: "I do not know, I'm General Manager, I am GM in training."


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