Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fletcher: another stone in the tortuous path of United this season

As reported by the club itself on its website , the Scottish footballer, 27, will not return to play football for an indefinite period due to ulcerative colitis, inflammatory bowel disease which is chronic. In the press release states that Fletcher takes a while in the case of this disease and has not opted for down your 'continuing desire to play and his loyalty to his club and his country " , which according to United, "has probably committed the possibilities for optimizing their own health and welfare ".

Now, at last accepted "medical advice to take a break from the demands of training and playing in order to offer the best chance to achieve complete remission." The injuries have made ​​a season to forget Since 1986 was made by the coach of Manchester United, so dire a few seasons has had to face Sir Alex Ferguson . Sporting team is not performing as expected Cup runner-up in Europe: the Premier sees his neighbor's far side, the City, is the leader, while in the Carling Cup will leave the Crystal Palace. In Europe things are not going better, and after Christmas will play the second club competition, the Champions League after finishing third in a group that was the clear favorite.

The veteran coach of Glasgow can justify this poor performance in the lesions that is hurting his team. In a very fresh template, which already has an added difficulty due to the coupling of the new additions, some key pieces could not play as expected or may not return to play more . Chicharito is the front holder to Ferguson, but the preseason began with a scare egregious by a blow to the head revealed cerebral dysrhythmia suffering . The ankle has been another weakness of the Mexican: in September and was out of the pitch by an injury after a Chelsea player input Cole, and is now recovering from another (has affected the ligaments of the joint) and will not return until next year.

He who will not play again this season is Vidic, as it has a surgery appointment with the torn ligament in his knee suffered in the Champions League match against Basel. Other 'devils' that are affected by injuries are Young, or Berbato Anderson v. Despite this, no one in England or in Europe, Manchester United doubt that war will continue until the end. If a team can recover from adversity, and has shown many times throughout its history, that is to Old Trafford.


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