Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Nowitzki happy with the arrival of Odom, Carter and West to defend title

The German forward Dirk Nowitzki was happy with the arrival of his new teammates forward Lamar Odom, Vince Carter shooting guard and point guard Delonte West, and said that the Dallas Mavericks were ready to defend since the start of the season the championship title in the NBA.

Nowitzki, who has had plenty of time to rest and recover from the effort made ​​last season, was enthusiastic in the "Press Day" team with the arrival of new partners, but also recognized that the output of center Tyson Chandler, baseman Jose Juan Barea and forward Caron Butler were "important."

However, he stressed that the technical direction of the team had achieved quality players and experience were Odom, Carter and West, besides the presence of the Spanish guard Rudy Fernandez, who already has all the papal rule of the visa and arrive in Dallas no problem to join his new teammates.

"It will not be the same team last season, but we will be as or more competitive," said Nowitzki. "Obviously we will need some time to know each other all, but we will be competitive from the start winning."

Odom, 32, 12 as a professional, is a great signing for the Mavericks, who also have not paid anything more than the rights of the first pick in the 2012 college lottery. Your contribution can be decisive and more after the departure of Chandler, who signed as a free agent with New York Knicks.

Carter, released by the Phoenix Suns, but his performance has declined in paragraph offensive, it is still a profitable player in a team like the Mavericks, which should provide minutes.

The same goes for West, whose quality and experience to cover absence and minutes that gave Barea, to be the Minnesota Timberwolves for four seasons and 19 million dollars.

While the big question is what type of use will give the Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle, Fernandez, the Spanish player who was traded by the Portland Trail Blazers at the beginning of summer and that since coming to the NBA has not been given the minutes or the confidence that their quality deserves.

It appeared that Dallas was going to do it, but with the arrival of Carter, who is also a friend and I played with star point guard Jason Kidd , and West again questions about his future in the NBA as a player who can hold.

Kidd has been "excited" to have Carter back companion after having played alongside him in the New Jersey Nets, and said the team had achieved a great professional and a person, who lacked only achieve a League title could be achieved with the Mavericks.

Odom, who after learning the intentions of the Los Angeles Lakers traded to the New Orleans Hornets point guard Chris Paul , an operation that was later vetoed by NBA commissioner David Stern said he was "extremely happy" with the Mavericks.

"I was not going to continue any longer with the Lakers because they did not want me and I also had the capability of the team you really wanted to get pierced," said Odom. "I am happy and with renewed enthusiasm to fight again for a league title."

Meanwhile, Carlisle said he had not yet been able to work in the field with new players, and it was too early to start making judgments on the potential lineup.

"What we do have all very clear is that we have three great players that can help us greatly in the face of the new season and more after the losses we had with Chandler, Barea and Butler," Carlisle assessed. "I'm happy with what we have achieved, although not close the door to improve the squad."

The Mavericks, who are trying to leave the maximum salary cap space for next season to market free agents with potential for a great signing, have in their agenda the possibility of working a shift with the Orlando Magic by the star power forward Dwight Howard.

The Texas team has received permission to speak with the player and Howard to the Mavericks included among the three that agree to be pierced.

The Mavericks owner, billionaire Mark Cuban is aware of this fact and may already be working on real options is to get a player like Howard, who would give the franchise a great future.


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