Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Gene: "Ferrari is so favored as the most after the rule change"

Ferrari test driver Marc Gene said the Italian team has many options in the next Formula 1 World Championship. "After the rule change, Ferrari is so favored as the most at the same level as Red Bull and McLaren-Mercedes."

Gene, who spoke during delivery of the Banco Santander scholarships to young talents in 2011, applauded the season Fernando Alonso: "He's done an incredible year. Without him, there would have been possible ten could and that it I know, knows the team and Ferdinand himself. "

Catalan matches when the Spaniard Alonso himself said that in 2011 has done its best season: "I agree with that is the year that best drove in his career." "If I had to pick the three best drivers of the year Fernando Alonso put first, second to Vettel, who has impeccable qualifications and races and third in Jenson Button" he said.

Marc Gene recognized that has not yet seen the new Ferrari car for next season but said he has "great confidence" for the next year: "We have long been working for 2012, but I have little information about the new car, but We worked really, thoroughly for next year to have a winning car and Fernando Ferrari. We have to win and we win in the history of Ferrari, Fernando and our 'partners'. "


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