Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Javier Fernandez, bronze in Quebec

The Spanish skater Javier Fernandez has posted a bronze medal in the final of the 2011 ISU Grand Prix Quebec in the wake of the last two world champions, Canadian Patrick Chan and Japan's Daisuke Takahashi.

Fernandez, who won the fourth-best long program note (166.29, PB), maintained the square obtained in the first round and managed a podium finish in his first appearance in the top six in the world.

Fernandez embroidered in the first two elements of the exercise with the notes of Verdi's operas, interestingly the two most difficult of the entire program, four times 'toe' and four times 'Salchow', and, as says the website ISU, became the only skater who got to do both in a clean.

"I did not feel the pressure after the short program, because as I've always tried to focus on my own performance to do their best. The Final is just another competition, but the experience here will help me gain confidence in me. I can do better and I can win if you work harder, "the Spaniard said at a news conference.

After the bronze medal, Javier Fernandez next week to take part again in the Championship of Spain to be held in Jaca next weekend and continued development of the two major events of the season, the UEFA European Championship and the the World.


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