Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Howard will only transfer to the Nets, Mavericks or Lakers

The center Dwight Howard after requesting the transfer and criticize the few reinforcements that has done so far his current team, Orlando Magic, also made him angry to know that only three teams in the NBA : New Jersey Nets, Dallas Mavericks or Lakers.

The Orlando team officials have said they want to work on restoring trust Howard to stay with them, but his star has made them a very high standard and has also made clear that it will go to another computer that does not is one of the three chosen.

Howard can be traded to another team, but will not sign a long term contract so at the end of this season will become an unrestricted free agent.

The Magic had said after meeting Howard's wishes to be traded that would send any of the remaining 29 teams are in the NBA, but the most dominant power forward in the league there has made it very difficult for them to fulfill that desire to principles of equality for all.

Even Howard has included the equipment to be traded to the Chicago Bulls , who have the base Derrick Rose , the Most Valuable Player (MVP) in the league, great talent and youth on staff and headquarters in a large city, the third largest in the country.

Do not know the reasons, but Howard does not want to the Bulls.

The Magic, with its CEO Alex Martins to the head, attempting to reconstruct a good relationship with Howard, but that will take time and money, two elements that are scarce.

Although Martins met on Monday with Howard, at the Amway Center, after the All-Star power forward in the tone of his criticism of the team management, it appears that their stay in Orlando will not be easy to get.

"I love the city because there's nowhere better to me than Orlando, yet I make sure I do the right things to win a league title here," Howard reiterated. "If there are changes in that direction so we can be champions, they can count on me."

Martins came last week to the team management after he unexpectedly resigned from Bob Vander Weide and has since opted to get Howard to continue with the franchise in Orlando.

However, last Friday Howard authorized him to speak with the Nets, Mavericks and Lakers, who are riding the best deal possible for him to pivot and Magic team.

The Lakers could give Orlando the pivot Andrew Bynum and the Spanish power forward Pau Gasol if finally got to Howard, but if it includes any other player in the transfer.

However, the Magic also wants Howard to put the transfer of Turkish forward Hedo Turkoglu and remove the large financial responsibility that you still have to pay, something the Nets would be willing to accept, but not the Lakers.

Meanwhile, Howard maintains that his relationship with Magic general manager Otis Smith is not the best because he was not heard during the last few seasons of the needs that had the equipment and the type of players they needed to be competitive and champions.


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