Monday, December 12, 2011

Guardiola: "The World Cup is a tough competition and there may be surprises"

In a press conference held after the first training of the team, Guardiola urged his players to "not lose the opportunity to win" the tournament as a title is "very prestigious and very important" that "comes very rarely ".

For Barca coach, "the desire and the desire to be world champions" are sufficient motivation to prepare their players facing the first semifinal match against contesting Al Sadd of Qatar, a rival who will study in this same afternoon.

The players "are aware that competition is very tough," and which "may have many surprises," said Guardiola, who was excited to return to face a team Tasting, having fought as a player in the country , which keeps "good memories".

For the coach most important thing now is that his players to adapt to local time (eight hours ahead of Spain ), who enjoy free time to prepare for the upcoming matches without forgetting that what we have come is " win, "he said.

In the crowded press conference that took place in the team's headquarters in Yokohama (center), many of the questions revolved around over his main rival, Real Madrid , who won last Saturday 1-3.

In that sense, Guardiola said that the Real Madrid "are leaders" and "was named best team in the twentieth century", which despite having "been lucky to beat in recent games," he believes are "very close each other always. "

Guardiola back to Japan "is always an honor" and said they have a responsibility to "teach the best," also wants Japan to "a speedy recovery from this tragedy," referring to the earthquake and tsunami that struck the Northeast March 11 and expects to take this visit in order to enjoy "their food."

Barcelona was greeted at dawn by hundreds of Japanese fans at Narita Airport outside Tokyo , and this morning was brought to the team's training camp local Yokohama Marinos.

The team, consisting of 27 players, made a gentle workout that made the ball stretching, rounds, races and a talk with the coaching staff and will not return to work until the next training session scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.


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