Monday, December 12, 2011

Messi was the difference, said Christian ended

Victoria to Leo Messi Cristiano Ronaldo in particular concerning duel between the world of Real Madrid and Barcelona. None of them marked, but the Argentine action turned the tide of the match. Christian, inaccurate, missed the two best chances of Real Madrid.

The figure of Leo was erected after an early both Benzema, a severe blow to the Argentine Barcelona took over qualified. Messi took responsibility and made the difference between the 22 men on the pitch until a card for protesting him out of the meeting.

With Barcelona in 'shock' for the goal, the crack Barca took advantage of a slip of Sergio Ramos to put the fear in the body to the Bernabeu but Casillas made the stop of the night to turn his shot.

In a similar ripped the equalizer came. Instead of returning the ball to face Messi pressure line broke Real Madrid with a beautiful slalom between Ozil, Lass and Xabi, who did not dare to bring you down because they are already booked. Pass sensational big league of Alexis and definition of the Chilean.

However, Leo's star faded in the 36th minute when he saw the card for protesting Borbalán Fernandez repeatedly. From then until the end of the first period is literally out of the game. And it could be worse, because the public asked for the Argentine's second after a foul on Xabi Alonso.

CR7, without aim
The Bernabeu harshly criticized Fernandez Borbalán, but desperation was more reflective white in Cristiano Ronaldo. The Luso enjoyed the best times for Real Madrid throughout the match and sent them out.

The first one came when the score reflected 1-0. Benzema made a pass from Cristiano open position to cede both Özil or shoot on goal, but he chose Abidal. The Frenchman pushed aside to intercept the pass and shot on goal Cristiano poorly formed.

The other came when Barcelona had already traced. The Portuguese had the equalizer on a header, completely unmarked, he sent out. Two times when Christian was able to sentence first, or even after, but where less often failed to do: in front of goal. Portuguese was never so marked.


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