Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Lakers again by Chris Paul and Superman sacrificing Gasol in the operation

After closing two minor signings as Gerald Green, Josh McRoberts, the Lakers still think Chris Paul and Dwight Howard. According to ESPN says, citing an internal source with knowledge of the status of negotiations, the Lakers have returned with a strong interest in the possibility of taking the base of the Hornets in an operation that Pau Gasol would remain a key part despite recent words Kupchack Mitch said he hoped to have the entire season with Pau, Kobe and Bynum.

The problem with the Lakers found is that the Clippers are also intended to Chris Paul despite the arrival of Billups and have already seen two of his proposals were vetoed by the NBA. Thus, the Lakers are looking for a third team to enter the transfer operation after the failed three-way with the Rockets in which Pau would have ended in Houston via New Orleans.

In parallel, the Lakers also weigh the option of Dwight Howard, who has said that only played at the Magic, Nets, Dallas or Lakers. Orlando could get rid of Superman, but wants to get rid in the operation of Turkoglu and his contract. The Florida franchise would have asked to change both Pau and Bynum.


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