Monday, December 12, 2011

Pau Gasol might end up on the Warriors ... Chris Paul came to the Lakers

By early afternoon on Sunday, Pau Gasol's future was close to Orlando in a trade Pau and Bynum for Dwight 'Superman' Howard and Hedo Turkoglu (with its exaggerated against more than $ 20 million under the arm).

But the latest news from the United States dismissed this option and placed at Pau in the Golden State Warriors in a multi-operation would seek to attract Chris Paul to the Lakers.

Pau Gasol was going to Golden State, which would follow from its star, Steph Curry, destination New Orleans.

In turn, the Warriors sent to Los Angeles to Ekpe Udoh, Dorrell Wright and Klay Thompson. The Lakers would take over Chris Paul and try to pass much of these players, along with Andrew Bynum, the Magic.


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