Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Chelsea warms and lights the Premier

He has never gone to surrender or go to Chelsea and Lampard reminded that those who doubted it. The England midfielder, who was on the field only just over one quarter of an hour, was the one that ended with the City and warmed to his team, who won reinstatement to the Premier the leader, far unbeaten in the English championship.

The set of Mancini, a brave of those who are not (you can use all the quotes you want), faltered in Stamford Brigde with less. Clichy saw his second yellow in 58 'and the City, which was tied at one, leaned back satisfied with what had been achieved. The message was clear Italian sky blue and the team was punished with a penalty goal, caused by a few hands of Lescott in 84 '. Lampard, old fox, did not miss the chance and Hart shot where it hurts most, that he had not intervened despite the siege too local.

A full-blown battle
Mario Balotelli opened the scoring just start the game, but to no avail to the City, which did not give the size in a stadium that always smokes. From there, they went quemadísimos those of Mancini.

Chelsea went to see them come and Balotelli Ivanovic portrayed asleep early. Agüero got a good ball between the lines and the IOL 45 is Serbian and then Cech, who cut to mark the empty net. Challenging goal held the stands, he was afraid all night.

The Villas-Boas, with the party cooking, without eating or drinking tied. Sturridge broke into the side and Meireles made it 1-1 shortly after a clear penalty Cole Silva he was not brought to the spot.

The canary player ended with a face, also Torres, blue, but that was without playing a single minute. The opposite happened with Mata, more and more important, and Oriol Romeu, Spanish bastion in the center of the field of Villas-Boas.

Fear is paid
the second half was another story with the expulsion of Clichy, which activated the alarm technician visitor. Mancini field erased Silva Kun and put Kolo Toure and De Jong, plumbers did not fix a pipe that ended drowning the City, who died with that penalty which Lampard converted. Chelsea put seven of the leader and, incidentally, did a favor to United, only two of which ended Manchester City surrendered for fear of defeat.


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