Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rudy Fernandez: "I have the visa to Dallas"

Rudy Fernandez has finally got a visa to travel to the United States and thus be able to join the discipline will be his new team in the NBA, Dallas Mavericks.

"Thank God I have the visa to Dallas tomorrow," he confirmed, through its account at 'twitter' the Spaniard, who had to spend several days in Madrid due to this mishap.

In fact, after saying goodbye to the fans of Real Madrid's game Dec. 4 at Valencia Basket, could not travel to Dallas because of this problem, allowing him to play well last Thursday's game against Euroleague Maccabi Tel Aviv.

After the meeting and confirmed after the end of 'lockout' Rudy Fernandez could no longer play with Real Madrid, but had to follow several days in the capital to finish solving bureaucratic problems.

Now, the former Portland Trail Blazers will travel to meet their new colleagues and hear firsthand the plans that the club has for him, with the parish Madrid very aware of what happens, if it were the case of early return .


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