Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Neymar: "The pressure is a pleasure"

The Brazilian Neymar striker Santos, said after the match that his team beat Kashiwa Reysol that the expectations placed on him in his debut at the World Club Cup have not been a problem because for him "the pressure is a pleasure."

"I have the impression though that this is a World Cup, a major confrontation," said the player "Peixe" when asked if the attention paid by the media about their debut in the World Club Cup it had been excessive.

In the mixed zone Toyota Stadium in the province of Aichi , where his team won the set 1-3 in the first semifinal Nippon Club World Cup Japan 2011, Neymar added further that these expectations so high is not affected, "because the pressure is a pleasure. "

"If the Barcelona final play with us, we hope to make a good game, "he said regarding the possibility that the Blaugrana team, favorite morning in the other semifinal of the tournament that dispute with the Al Sadd Catari, will stop at the meeting Sunday's crucial to the Saints, ranked by their victory today.

"Today was a debut with victory, which is most important, and I'm very happy," said 19-year Brazilian striker, who scored a goal today from outside the area rails, the triumph of the Saints.

The footballer was humble when asked about whether both should be among the candidates for "best goal of the year" from FIFA and opted to drop a giggle and say "I do not know."

The Estella Santos said he was happy about everything because he has overcome fatigue, which he attributed to the trip to Japan and expected in the Asian country to play the opening match in the competition.

"We've been seven days without a game play and feel a little tired," he added.


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