Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"Super Mario Gómez": the high scorer in the wake of Messi and Ronaldo

He played on Sunday was a special game for Mario Gomez. The Bayern Munich to Stuttgart to visit his former team, but as good 'killer' of the area that is, put aside your feelings and wiped out the club that released in Europe with two goals to win Munich materialized. A doublet that confirms him as one of the rams as the world most of the few who can keep up with Messi and Ronaldo . Gomez leads the top scorers in the Bundesliga with 15 goals, one ahead of Huntelaar , the Dutch who plays for Schalke and had a brief stint in the Real Madrid . A spectacular figure that has been in fifteen matches, which has a record of an encounter both . The stars of Real Madrid and Barcelona command the Pichichi in the league with 17 goals after 16 games. This keeps success in the Champions League group stage which finished with 6 goals, sharing the top scorer poster precisely Messi. 

The best virtue of Mario Gomez has always been the pinnacle , is a center forward who are called "life". Within the area is where most performance out of his virtues as a player, and away she loses prominence and importance. Since I made ​​the leap to professionalism has had good records scorers. Stuttgart's shirt managed 63 goals in 121 appearances, while his three seasons at Bayern has already exceeded fifty. With the help of Heynckes has progressed as a player. It is now a more complete striker with a wider range auction and may leave the penalty area without being in a strange habitat. 

Ribery, Robben , Kroos, Muller ... all his colleagues are aware of the exceptional condition as he lives, and seek to exploit for the good of the team. On the horizon is the final of the Champions League to be played at the Allianz Arena in Munich , their stadium, their home. And a month after the European Championship, which will come forward as the owner of the Mannschaft , the most obvious contender for the title with Spain. 

Gomez wants to revenge and curdle a good championship for his country, Germany, he chose instead to 'The Red', as it has dual nationality . In 2008 had a secondary role, and in the World 2010 also overshadowed by the emergence of Muller. This wants to be their year, and based on goals you want to show.


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