Monday, December 12, 2011

MotoGP returns to the driving

"Damn, I can not skid!" Valentino Rossi had to curse when he embarked on an adventure as risky as riding for Yamaha. With the Italian RC211V balanced on each rear wheel braking, the guiding of traverso. With the Yamaha was not necessary. The excitement gave way to functionality. The chassis of the M1 was so good we did not need to enter special bending curve. "I had to adapt my driving to the bike," he admitted after Vale. He was learning fast.

Not so much as suggested by the disappearance of the 500cc bikes. There were pilots who were slow to assimilate the new 1000cc MotoGP bikes did not need a boxing but sweetness and softness. Periodically, each change in technology forcing sufferers to take corrections in style to gain effectiveness. Those who are not recycled, are stranded. More now that the number of tests has been reduced significantly.

In 2012 a new change will be experienced with the extinction cycle of 800cc tricky. In general curiosity many questions hanging. "How much to change driving style, how to open the throttle, to stop wondering ???", Dani Pedrosa after the Valencia test, just over a month.

More than expected. "At first piloted the 800cc and 1000cc as I saw that you have to change the style," he admitted later Dani. He does have a slight experience with 1000cc, in the year of his MotoGP debut in 2006, "but those bikes had a cylinder, more fuel and their reactions were different."

To the uninitiated they may sound strange. "How can a pilot has yet to learn, they ask many. Well, I is the feeling you gave me. I look forward to experiencing that do not know something and I can learn something new," says Dani, before explaining the reasons for the forced recycling in the art of riding.

"The bikes now have more power, more torque down, and the tire slips more. More wheelie (horse), more drifting, more movement? Too much change at once," said Pedrosa who admits that at Valencia, a few days, it felt like a school day. Or driving school, rather. "I seemed to be more days of schooling that technological progress," the Catalan.

Now, 230cv likely to increase to about 250 or 260, the tires are different, with different covers to warm the tires before. "The electronics are the same but if you change your way of giving gas you have to change the way that helps control traction or wheelie," says Dani. And even several lines. "The paths will change, we can stop further and more radical curve cut out throttle opening," Rossi anticipated some months ago.

Stoner is delighted with the 1000cc. "I like the 800s," he said, but admits that it costs a bit to get the hang. "Patina with ease, but drift," he says, with eyes of desire. Is it better or worse? "In the circuit changes more slowly than in the rapids. The bike weighs more but the engine is smoother than any other, because you can use the power from below.'s More drivable and easier to control. Just remove the speed cornering ...", account.


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