Monday, December 12, 2011

In Los Angeles believe that Chris Paul could put Kobe horns with neighbors Clippers

Los Angeles Clippers and Hornets are close to an agreement for the transfer of Chris Paul to the Lakers, as published by the Los Angeles Times. The base is, along with Howard, the desired player and sound market for several teams, one LA Clippers.

After the operation the Lakers frustrated by the NBA, Paul seems to only two destinations in mind : New York and Clippers. The base is very difficult to go to the Big Apple, so the choice of the 'poor relation' of the entire Lakers win. The Lakers sent the Hornets to Kaman, Eric Bledsoe, Al Farouq Aminu and the first draft pick in 2012 they received from Minnesota. Eric Gordon of interest to New Orleans, but not enter into the transaction. As reported in Sports Illustrated, several players involved in the operation and its surroundings have been told they will play in New Orleans .

Vinny of the Black, coach of the Clippers, responded when asked about the possible arrival of Paul: "We seek always to improve our team and if there is any chance we'll sit down to listen, but I am delighted with the players I have now make adjustments if we see fit. If we will look at opportunities. "

This operation could alienate Pau Gasol of the Golden State Warriors, since the transfer of Spanish at San Francisco pivot depends on the operation of the Lakers' Paul. It is expected that the NBA, as the owner of the Hornets, to study the operation over Monday.


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