Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Kobe Bryant rebels

The effects of transfer of base frustrated Chris Paul to the Lakers in the NBA are being noted and this time the criticism has come from the very Lakers star, Kobe Bryant, once they learned of the departure of forward Lamar Odom to the Dallas Mavericks. Recent decisions taken by the directors of the Lakers have not been welcomed by Bryant, who after training on Sunday to conclude the transfer of Odom defined as a "gift" the greatest rival team that nobody understands. Comprise less Lakers Odom output when the general manager himself, Mitch Kupchak, praised the great contribution he had made the team during the last seven seasons, including two league titles.

In addition, transferred to Odom Lakers receiving no major player in return, and goes to the Mavericks, the league champions, the executioners of last season. "To be honest with you, I do not like anything here," said Bryant. "It's very hard to lose Lamar (Odom). Pau Gasol continues here and thank you for it. They are players who have starred in fierce battles and not easy to assimilate their way '. In Dallas there is a great environment welcomes the arrival of Odom, the new partner of the Spanish guard Rudy Fernandez, and Texas coach Rick Carlisle has already defined its acquisition as a "key" to the team's future.

"Without Tyson Chandler, Odom's arrival will enable us to form one of the best attacks in the league when a Dirk Nowitzki and Shawn Marion," said Carlisle. Odom, 32, comes to the Mavericks with 12 seasons of NBA experience and averages 14.4 points, 8.7 rebounds and made three assists in 82 games played last league. Bryant and Derek Fisher were the basis stated publicly that they do not understand anything that happens within the team now come rumors of the possible arrival of the center Dwight Howard, which could cost the Lakers center Andrew Bynum output and Gasol, depending on what they can ask for the Orlando Magic. "It's very difficult for a basketball player can focus with this type of situation," praised Fisher, president of the union and harshly criticized as the "veto" imposed by the NBA commissioner, David Stern, the transfer of Paul. "I am very disappointed by Odom and Gasol. For me, Lamar had not gone. "


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