Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Kupchak: "We hope that Pau Gasol, Bynum and Bryant are here all season,"

The General Manager of Los Angeles Lakers, Mitch Kupchak, acknowledged that the team had suffered a major "bust" the failure of the transfer of guard Chris Paul and forward Lamar Odom flatly refused to go into the franchise.

The sport management responsible for the Lakers was not overly affected by the transfer winked frustrated and Pau Gasol, but notice: "We believe we have three of the best players in the NBA, Bynum, Pau and Kobe- . hope you're here all season, "but acknowledged that it is working on "big signings".

Kupchak tried to explain what had happened in the last four days in which the Lakers have lost their point guard Chris Paul and the progress of Lamar Odom, who decided to leave the franchise knowing that was included in the trade to the Hornets .

The GM said that after Odom's refusal to continue with the Lakers, he had no choice but to work in a transfer which would not have to get any player to change and that they offered only the Mavericks.

"I know that we helped the Mavericks, but was the only way we had to not receive any player to change and do a right choice, "said Kupchak. "Also, I think Lamar (Odom) deserved to go to a team with aspirations given its class."

When it came to explain what had happened with the failed transfer of Paul, Kupchak said he had been a surprise veto of the NBA commissioner, David Stern: "I think the best definition I can make is that his decision was completely unexpected and then could not bring back a second phase of negotiations because we believe that we would find the same problem, "said Kupchak.


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