Thursday, December 15, 2011

What if Barca advance the operation Neymar?

The injury to David Villa could change the way the operation. The debate is open: Should joining Barça in the winter market? Would Neymar the best alternative? What other solutions can handle Guardiola?

Barcelona have taken advantage in the eyes of Neymar . The Brazilian is full of praise before the club could be his future. The flirtation with Real Madrid seem to thing of the past following the deterioration of relations with Santos . The personal engagement of Sandro Rosell draw the future of the Brazilian squad. But could hasten his arrival Guaje serious injury?

The Saints recently renewed its star until 2014. The agreement was consolidated on the choice of Neymar as image in Brazil by Banco Santander and commitment of local authorities to keep him there as one of the pillars of the next World Cup promotion.

The Real Madrid wanted to incorporate it next summer. The desire of the player was finishing his contract, an interest that coincides with the time that Barcelona had himself planned to develop its future workforce and make his move at a reduced price, the transfer would be free to end the contract, but millions would be paid an amount as Santos-gratification.

A look at the market
the market are, a priori, few alternatives like Villa . The British press had published in recent days the possibility of an exchange between Villa and Torres . Villas-Boas , manager of Chelsea , has been adamant in asserting that his striker will remain in the team next season even.

Tevez is another appealing name. Declared in default by Manchester City , major European teams have been interested in his services. The bid around 25 million euros. The Milan is the best placed according to reports, which added to their financial claims, currently charges 8 million per month-will become a remote possibility.

In the list of possible shows the current top scorer in the Premier League, Robbie Van Persie . This season ends contract with Arsenal and maybe the club would welcome some money to get a transfer in advance.

Among the favorites of Guardiola is Cavani striker Naples for which he has stated his preference publicly. I could not contest the Champions having competed with his team in the group stage.

A look at The Farmhouse
The natural solution is Isaac Basin . The youth is the big surprise of the season. He's started half a dozen parties and could be definitely in the technical plans for the remainder of the season. The drawback is that it does not occupy any empty because it is an asset of the team.

In the Barcelona B appears as an option Jonathan Soriano , top scorer last year in second division and has already made ​​the preseason with the first squad. Just a long injury and has already scored their first goals .

Although not a pure end, Rafinha is another important values ​​in the subsidiary. It made ​​its debut in the Champions League and takes Thiago , his brother, an ally to fit into the costumes. It used to be in the position of false front, although his natural position is the inside left.

Gerard Deulofeu is the most risky. is the great pearl of the quarry , but has not attained 18 years and less than a year would jump from Junior A to major professional football. So much for a player in training.


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