Saturday, December 10, 2011

Classic Bronco Side

The Classic game tense and vibrant as any we have left over multiple scenes history of friction between the players of both teams. In recent times, with the arrival of Mourinho and the accumulation of 'party of the century' in a short period of time, the tension became unbearable. This was reflected in the field with some of the hottest moments of football history remembers. Nine expelled in the last seven Classics testify to this.

Here we review these moments with a look at those games in which Mourinho and Guardiola have faced on the bench of the two biggest teams in the country. Pure dynamite.

1 st Classic: The of the 'little hand' is also remembered for the first brawl. It started after a clash between Guardiola and Cristiano Ronaldo because he first returned the ball in the band. There was also another before the break for an elbow on Messi Carvalho. However, the party's image is Messi Ramos kick with the score 5-0, the result of impotence. You (Ramos).

2 nd Classic: The League decided. It was a game stuck, with many faults, but no collision between players out of the ordinary. (Albiol expelled).

3 º Classic: The first leg of the Champions. The party's image is the belly flop Alves Pepe. That for which have not yet agreed to decide whether the Portuguese red is well shown. The Madrid-Barcelona left us to rest in a brawl that Pinto was on the street to give it a slap to Arbeloa. It is the party of Mou press conference asking "why". (Expelled Pepe Pinto and Mourinho).

4 º Classic: The final of the Cup Party Hard by both teams. Planchazo still remembers Busquets Xabi Alonso. Something that particularly stung because the Real Madrid in the Champions League red Pepe was still very recent and Barcelona went scot-free. This clash also left image Arbeloa Villa when he was treading on the ground. (Di Maria expelled)

5 º Classic: Whoever put Barca in the final at Wembley. A party that got out of the hands to De Bleeckere and in which both teams shared a great time tow. Lass memorable peak tanks with Mascherano and Pedrito and actions of Carvalho, who flirted with the red entire match. (No expelled)

6 th Classic: The first leg of the Supercopa. Probably the less tense. Summer came in handy for both teams and did not come so revolutionized as previous ones. Pepe and Alves had another encounter, but nothing serious. (No expelled)

7 º Classic: Super who chose Barça side. The most recent, Mourinho's finger in the eye of Villanova. As in the days of mannitol, a Real player lost it out of sheer helplessness. This time it was Marcelo, who made ​​criminal entry Cesc. That led to a monumental brawl that left several expulsions and aggression of the second Madrid coach Guardiola. (Expelled Marcelo, Ozil and Villa).


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