Monday, December 5, 2011

In Lotus Renault swear by Raikkonen

Lopez Gerar, the employer of Spanish descent who governed the destinies of Lotus Renault is delighted with the signing of the 2008 champion. For Lopez will be "the key moment to see how good our car and it's best to have a good pilot," he said hinting that this year's competitors have not been much.

Lopez is no stranger to the suspicions aroused by his lack of involvement Kimi technical issues and a private life in the past influenced the professional. "Kimi has shown in the past that is among the fastest in terms of age and is still in his prime. In terms of motivation, so I've seen and talked with him, is probably more motivated than ever. And the more people to question about that will do their part to prove them wrong. "

Meanwhile, Kimi showed once again that what they say does not care: "I have not really read the newspapers or the reactions, but normal. I always try to do my best, so do not put me under pressure . It will be exciting, yes, but do not feel pressure and see how it goes. "


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