Friday, December 9, 2011

The Classic in Argentina raises the expectation of a Boca-River

Argentina looks forward to the Classic, a party that believes his presence in the international four-Higuain, Di Maria, Messi and Mascherano, as ambassadors for the school football in this country.

The anticipation is great and the game will be broadcast live. We have announced in recent weeks and is expected to reach the audience of 5 million viewers, a figure equal to a Boca-River.

Leonardo Gabes, one of the most famous storytellers television in Argentina, says what it means for her country this classic. "We are having much impact and the party has not yet begun. The guys on the street have put their shirts Messi and Higuain, who are the two idols of our football. These days it is easy to see T-shirts Barcelona and Real Madrid the streets. "

There is expected to Higuain Mou opted for instead of Benzema to play in the eleven. The Pipit is an idol, one of the most admired and beloved players. Compete with Messi in fame and popularity. "Messi and Higuain are the ones. TO Higuain was not discussed. People will want to see on the court forever. Batistuta is compared with another of the great strikers we've had. With Messi is the same. Do not think here is not willing. "

Argentina divided
the country is divided. Discussions are surveyed, there are forecasts, collect all the information coming from Madrid and Barcelona. Strange to say that Madrid Guardiola gets stronger, but others argue that this Madrid is "pointer".

"Argentina has historically been of Real Madrid. But now, with Messi, fans have been divided. People are giving odds, but if we had to choose one, the boss is 3-3. We want to score three goals Messi and Madrid, two Higuain and a Di Maria. "


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