Wednesday, December 7, 2011

20 Grand Prix was held in 2012

The World Motor Sport Council (International Automobile Federation) has confirmed the official calendar for 2012, there will be no change from the previous program which was published in August.

There are doubts about the United States Grand Prix in Austin, he has found financial problems in recent months. Also on the Bahrain Grand Prix, suspended last year by civil unrest in protest against the government. Nevertheless, there have been no changes.

The two Spanish races remain intact. The Grand Prix of Spain will take place at Montmelo on May 13, while the Grand Prix of Europe will take place at the Valencia Street Circuit on 24 June. Both tests tieenes two years with his presence secured, as Bernie Ecclestone confirmed in the final round MARK this year in Brazil.

2012 F1 World Championship calendar:

1 Australia 18 March
25 March 2 Malaysia
3 China April 15
April 22 April Bahrain
May Spain 13 May
Monaco May 27 June
7 June 10 Canada
8 Europe 24 June
9 July 8 UK
10 Germany 22 July
11 July 29 Hungary
12 Belgium September 2
13 Italy September 9
September 23 14 Singapore
15 Japan October 7
October 14 16 Korea
17 India 28 October
18 November 4 Abu Dhabi
United States 19 November 18
20 Brazil November 25


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