Monday, December 5, 2011

Cotto successfully defended title

Miguel Cotto the boxer lived in Madison Square Garden, New York, Sundown for three years to win by TKO in the ninth assault on Antonio Margarito to win the title of champion of the junior middleweight version of World Association Boxing (AMB).

The win not only the prize was for Cotto to remain champion but also managed to avenge their defeat in July 2008 to Margarito in Las Vegas, when he took the undefeated, and left him in the eleventh knockout assault.

This time, Cotto came with the lesson and gave a boxing exhibition to also harshly punish Mexican fighter.

So when the referee of the bout, Steve Smoger, decided to stop before the tenth assault began, by the doctor responsible for the ring, Anthony Curreri, not follow, approached Cotto Margarito's corner to stare at him, his tone derogatory.

"I just look and enjoy the victory he had achieved," said Cotto. "He means nothing to me. I am here with my people, my family. He is not nothing to me," he repeated.

Cotto, 31, also said he never felt Margarito's punishment had not thought anything about their future, and now what we would do was to rest a couple of weeks with his family and then could talk about the next fight.

The Puerto Rican champion, was superior in the ring to his old acquaintance, the "Tijuana Tornado," which received a harsh punishment to face, though he spent the entire fight with a smile each time I received the heaviest blows and criticized the decision the doctor and the referee stopped the fight.

"I could have gone perfectly, was in full form, and said he saw the fingers to show me," said Margarito, 33. "I knew they were going to protect him when I was again won the time to have overcome."

Margarito also scoffed at the blows of Cotto to say I never hurt him and that the eye is closed by contacts with the head, although he acknowledged that only a knockout blow could have won the fight.

For his part, Dr. Curreri, explained that when examined Margarito for the first time in the eighth assault was no longer a complete and reiterated that it would have been dangerous for the Mexican fighter in the tenth assault leave without seeing the right eye.

Cotto, who made that filled Madison Square Garden to see it, put an end to speculation about the rivalry with the Mexican fighter, which always spoke contemptuously since he was a prohibited substance found in the dressing of your hands.

After a number of drawbacks to celebrate the battle, which included the possibility that New York State Athletic Commission denied the license of Margarito, the Puerto Rican made it clear that the ring was over practically the nine episodes that lasted the race.

Cotto began to be imposed from the first assault with right hand blows, speed and power, to which Margarito responded with his boxing always go forward without giving rest to the rival, this time, unlike the battle of Las Vegas for three years, if well prepared and came with the lesson learned.

The boricua got good combinations and good management assumed direct left, without ever standing against the ropes and run all the time on the figure of Margarito, who was ahead, but could not attack or do damage with his punches open.

In the second assault, Cotto was in control of the fight and Margarito smiled but could not override the Puerto Rican attack. The Mexican looked connect combinations but always had the quick response of its rival.

Both are engaged in intense exchanges of blows two, in which Cotto was faster and stronger.

The third was intense with Cotto throwing heavy blows that caused a wound on his right eyebrow Mexico, for which he would eventually win.

In the following, Cotto landed a strong left, but the Mexican in their attempt to get scores of tactics tried to change the Puerto Rican press.

Margarito's attempt to match the score was nullified by the power of fists of Puerto Rican, who had opened the road to victory and revenge.

All that was missing his shots Margarito's right eye to let him complete the work without a vision for the doctor's decision to stop the fight and could win the title of champion.

Cotto made his mark at 37-2 with 30 victories achieved in the fast lane, while Margarito fell to 39-8 with 27 knockouts.


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