Saturday, December 10, 2011

Gilbert Arenas opens the amnesty clause in Orlando Magic

Orlando said it had discharged its base template to Gilbert Arenas to benefit from the new figure of the amnesty established by collective agreement. The departure of Arenas was something that was expected with the new figure of the amnesty , which allows time each team to withdraw from the luxury tax limit and pay the contract of a player.

Arenas, 29, has not made ​​any contribution to the team since he arrived last season with the Wizards transfer by Rashard Lewis. However, you still receive $ 62 million over the past three years remaining six contract he signed with the Wizards by 111 million.

Arenas last season with the Magic he averaged 21.8 minutes, 8 points and 3.2 assists, to play 49 games and only two starts. The former Orlando has undergone three knee operations in 10 seasons leading the NBA, nine with the Wizards and one with the Magic. The Agent Zero controversial star has been off the court than within .

The power forward Brandon Bass, sent to the Boston Celtics Glen Davis also number four.

Bass, 26, which begins the eighth professional season, last won the league averaging 11.2 points and 5.2 rebounds The best of his career, in his second season with Orlando. They receive in return from Davis, 25, who has four in the NBA with the Celtics last season and managed to average 11.7 points and 5.5 rebounds after 78 games and 13 play a headline.

Magic coach Stan Van Gundy acknowledged that the "circus" mounted around the figure of Howard in the first training was something that was expected and also continue for a while until you define your professional future.


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