Monday, December 5, 2011

Shane Battier ring candidate for team

The former bodyguard of the Memphis Grizzlies is one of the players with more offers on the table. Battier has 33 years and intend to sign for a team candidate to win the ring, even for an amount less than other offers. One of the blame for the great season of Memphis last year listening to the many teams who came to his door.

As reported in Yahoo, the Heat are the team best placed to secure the services of Battier. In Miami think it would be the perfect complement to the 'Big Three', thanks to his defensive skills and ability to generate threat from the middle distance. The team of LeBron and Company is one of the favorites to take the ring and the veteran guard will seriously consider it.

Another round computer Shane also are the Oklahoma City Thunder. Kevin Durant took the summer to praise the veteran player, and mainly that is the main attraction you are, your experience. The Thunder are still a young team and someone on staff 33 years would help them gain a lot of experience. Next to Miami and Oklahoma, other teams like Indiana, Toronto, or their own Grizzlies will also try to bid for the escort, but their few chances of winning the NBA will be against him.


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