Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Russian boxer dies under the blows of a fight

Russian boxer heavyweight Roman Simakov died today after being admitted in a coma for two days due to blows received during a fight for the title of World Boxing Council (WBC) Asia.

"Today at 8:45 local time Simakov died without regaining consciousness," reported the Committee on Instruction (CI) of the Sverdlovsk region (Urals).

According to preliminary data, he added, "the reason for man's death was a severe cranial trauma and a concussion."

In a desperate attempt to save the life of the boxer, the doctors gave her a burr to Simákov, 27, who died in hospital last number 24 of Yekaterinburg regional capital, where he had placed on Monday.

The CI has opened an investigation into the death of the athlete, because according to some sources, the referee should stop fighting long before Sergei Kovalyov, 28.

According to the online newspaper, Simakov collapsed in the seventh assault after receiving countless blows to the head of his opponent, before which the deceased just rightly fought for several minutes.

"I'm having a hard time. I am very sorry. I pray for him. I apologize to their families. God knows I would not wish that. Román, resist," said Kovalev, who said that after what happened it will take two months off.


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